Broschüren Zoom by Mobimex

The personal touch of physical Mobimex catalogues. In the digital age, in which marketing via e-mail and social media is common practice, companies large and small face the challenge of standing out from the crowd.

Many brands have since decided to publish their brochures as PDFs only. However, we at Mobimex believe that a well-designed, printed brochure is a distinguished, lasting commodity, particularly appropriate for our high-quality products. This is because our mission at Mobimex is simple – we believe in the power of good design and carefully selected art. Design helps us to stand out from the rest. From the clothes we wear, through the houses and apartments that we live in, to the business cards and brochures we use and hand out to potential clients throughout the world.

But it goes without saying that Mobimex can provide you with almost everything in digital form too – including our brochures.

Nautilus, Broschüre, Zoom by Mobimex
GEORGE Broschüre
LYNX Broschüre
OSCAR Broschüre
NIK Broschüre
NEXT Broschüre
MAISA Broschüre
WEDA Broschüre
X2 Office Broschüre
X2 Home Broschüre
AVA Broschüre
TIX Office Broschüre
TIX Home Broschüre
LIN Broschüre
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