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When choosing its designers, Zoom by Mobimex never restricts itself to individual criteria. Whether young talent or established, international designer – what counts in a successful collaboration is the shared idea and conviction of creating something new, something different, something surprising, something desirable. The results of these mostly friendly relationships with the designers are pieces of furniture that people all over the world buy and celebrate in their private or public surroundings, sometimes living with them for generations.



Yonoh’s work has distinguished itself, over the years, by the progressive improvement of its personal voice. They have rarely flirted excessively with an aesthetic trend. Over time, Yonoh has made its way with fine and elegant work, resolved flawlessly. And they have achieved this by working for companies from other circuits that are less interested in spreading and more interested in contributing, achieving a perfect balance between their own voice and the style of the firm. Seen as a whole, the work that they’ve done so far reflects a very personal character and path, which shows Clara and Álex’s determination to be a studio with an honest stamp of their own.

Yonoh Design Studio



Iria Degen was born in Switzerland in 1969 and studied law at the University of Zurich. She then decided to train as an interior designer in Paris at the Ecole Camondo. Later, she worked as a project manager in the renowned interior design office run by Andrée Putman in Paris. Since February 2000, Iria Degen has been self-employed with offices in Paris and now in Zurich and Majorca. The 12-person team includes interior designers, architects and designers. Her style is based on simple shapes, subtle colours, timeless design and high-quality natural materials.



Focus on the material – this is the creative point of departure for Daniel Wehrli. After studying industrial design and obtaining his master’s degree in product design, Daniel Wehrli gained professional experience in Japan and then worked for some time in New York, in the luxury goods, furniture and exhibition design sectors. In 2014, he opened his own design studio in Aarau, Switzerland. His clients include international furniture brands. Daniel Wehrli also supervises research projects for the ‘Textile Innovation’ competence centre at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne.



Werner/Vazquez works in the areas of products, interior, creative direction, design research and strategy. The studio was founded by jewellery and industrial designer Anne Werner and interior designer Dolores Vázquez. After working together on various projects and commissions, they founded their own studio to express their shared vision of a design approach from a holistic perspective. The design duo creates products that enrich everyday life and make people feel good because they are useful, valuable and beautiful.



The works of the young industrial designer from Graubünden reflect the barrenness and the wild, unspoilt countryside of his homeland. The desire to touch his objects is hard to resist; they have a sensuous, intense aura. His objects create atmosphere. Carlo Clopath is a Swiss industrial designer. In 2014, his work was honoured with the Swiss Federal Design Award and the Cultural Promotion Prize of the Canton of Graubünden. Carlo Clopath has exhibited his products in Milan, Vienna, Eindhoven and Tokyo, at the Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen and at the Villa Noailles in Hyères, France, among others.



Creative all-rounders and a harmonious two-man team – Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub. After studying, joint projects took them to New York, later returning to Stuttgart, where their creative workshop for design and innovation is located. The team works for an extensive list of leading clients, including Cassina, Ycami, Acerbis, Thonet and Friz Hansen in the interior design sector.



Modern practicality and puristic visuals are characteristics of Dante Bonuccelli’s style. He travels the world in the name of architecture and design. Born and educated in Argentina, he initially developed products and designed buildings in his homeland, before moving to Italy. Dante Bonuccelli established his ‘Avenue Architects’ office in Milan in 1998, where he has designed furniture for leading international companies, including Molteni, DADA and many others, ever since.



Wolfgang C. R. Mezger, born in 1951, is a seasoned designer with more than 30 years of experience. His designs are always up-to-the-minute – he manages like no other to translate seemingly formal contradictions into coherent, creative concepts. Aesthetics are the top priority for the trained typographer. In his office, Wolfgang C.R. Mezger and his team work for top international companies with the highest design standards in the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium and Germany. To date, he and his office have received more than 70 international design awards, including Best Of Neocon, Chicago; Roter Punkt and Red Dot, Essen; Dutch Furniture Award, Amsterdam; Good Design Award, Chicago; Roscoe Design Award, New York; Best Of Show Award, Los Angeles; Design Center, Stuttgart; iF Design Award, Hanover; Iconic Award, Best Of Best, Frankfurt am Main.



After her studies, Cornelia Uhl worked for renowned offices in Switzerland and Germany. Building spaces for people is what drives her on. In 2018, Cornelia Uhl founded uhl schwandt architekten together with Martin Schwandt. She has run her own office since 2015.



Carsten Gollnick founded his studio for industrial design in 1997. Since then, he has worked successfully on the aesthetic improvement of the culture of objects. His most important concern is to find the balance between a product’s situative functionality and material-based appeal. More than 80 international design awards, long-term collaboration with a range of companies as well as museum pieces are testament to this attitude to design.



Christian Olufemi, born in 1966 in Konstanz, initially studied physics at the RWTH Aachen University. He then switched to architecture, successfully completing his degree at the Technical University of Munich in 1996. As early as 1992, he founded the cous design and architecture office, focussing on product and furniture design. After his time at university, he worked as an architect in a variety of offices as well as on a freelance basis. Since 2019, he has run “Olufemi Moser Architekten” in Munich together with Jürg Moser; the office mainly concentrates on plans for the church construction and hotel sectors.

Christian Olufemi | Zoom by Mobimex


The best is yet to come – this is the slogan that Jorge Pensi has made his own. It is a promise he seems able to keep, since some of his designs are already international icons, for instance the Toledo garden chair. Born in Argentina, Pensi has lived in Spain since the end of the 1970s. In 1984, he opened his own design studio in Barcelona, from where he has worked together with leading companies to this day. His style, minimalist but at the same time very expressive, has gained many international awards. Jorge Pensi and his team view their work as the search for the perfect balance between abstraction and emotion.