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A sense of ease, in company, enjoying life’s pleasures in harmony with nature, in places we inhabit that are beautiful, practical and lasting.

The feeling of joy and freedom is part of our experience of nature and outdoor living.

The small Mobimex Outside collections create inviting outdoor spaces to add a feeling of well-being to those that come upon us naturally when we spend time in the open air; the collections thus enable us to use nature as the setting for hospitality and contentment.

Since its foundation more than 35 years ago, Mobimex’s trademark has been its love of and devotion to solid wood.

A genuine, graceful material that never ceases to inspire us, a natural resource that is both sustainable
and precious.

Solid wood triggers emotions and illustrates the uniqueness of nature. It is a fascinating record that documents years of history. Tree trunks upto one hundred years old are stored and dried at our plants and then transformed into unique pieces of furniture by highly skilled craftspersons.

This is just one of the reasons why we are now bringing our furniture a little closer to nature again – and taking it “outside”.