Nachhaltigkeit Zoom by Mobimex

As part of a manufacturing company with several sites and a diverse range of products, we take our responsibility towards our stakeholders and the implementation of a circularity system very seriously – basing decisions and actions on these principles has been established practice for many years.

The most important aspects of our work as a manufacturer in this context are considering the life cycle and durability of the products, as well as their recyclability. Resource-saving processes are just as relevant.

1. Product life cycle and durability

We aim to integrate ecological criteria into the design of products and services from the very outset. Our responsibility thus starts with procurement based on ecological and social principles in order to be able to ensure that products represent an efficient use of resources, are environmentally compatible, produce low levels of waste and are durable. Due to their long life span and a timeless, attractive design, our products can be used for many years.

2. Recyclability and material sorting

To ensure as little impact on people and the environment as possible, we choose mono-materials that can be produced and disposed of in an environmentally sound way, and we avoid using materials with poor ecological properties. The recyclability, subsequent material sorting or possible repair and restoration are also taken into account as early as during the design phase. By making sure that our products can be disposed of properly, we ensure that the raw materials can be reused.

3. EN ISO 14001 certification

Since as early as 2007, we have taken part in a certified environmental management system in accordance with EN ISO 14001 that commits us to constantly improving our environmental performance. We have thus undertaken to comply with the specifications in the standard, to continually improve our environmental performance, to systematically track the most important environment-related parameters and, of course, to act in accordance with the legal framework.

Nachhaltigkeit Zoom by Mobimex

Every piece of furniture from Studio by Mobimex is built for the next generation as well. Purchase Zoom, keep it forever or pass it on. This is the best way to achieve sustainability, because global warming cannot be stopped without voluntary initiatives from companies and households around the world. The real challenge is to anchor the necessary economic/ecological thinking and action in people’s minds.