Planungssupport Zoom by Mobimex

You run the entire project, Zoom by Mobimex carries out the planning work on your behalf in the background. When you commission us with the planning of your project, we investigate the issues critical for the project’s success, such as the room layout, the use of space and purpose-compatible furniture.

Hand in hand with the specialist planner, architect, interior designer or the commissioning party, Zoom by Mobimex offers appropriate planning support for distinguished spaces. High-quality, expert solutions with an immaculate sense of style, plus reliable, pertinent consultation services are our strengths. You thus give yourself more freedom and also benefit from our planning know-how. In this way, we develop tailor-made solutions which create unique spatial experiences.

Our range of services

Concept proposals | hand-drawn sketches | detailed furniture proposal | 2D CAD planning | 3D photo-realistic rendering | multimedia planning | prototype construction | custom-made products | samples | logistics coordination

Case: DB Netz HQ, Frankfurt

As always, everything begins with the architecture.

The resolve, the courage and the financial resources of companies and investors pave the way for new projects. The diverse initiators and partners who approach Zoom by Mobimex differ depending on the project – entrepreneurs, specialist retailers, architects, interior designers or general contractors throughout the world come to us for help. Customized concept development is important to us and our partners, as every working environment is unique – there are no standard solutions. Now that the digital transformation is increasingly changing the way we work, flexible designs with a high degree of distinctiveness are in greater demand than ever before.

How we help you in each project phase

  • Together with our authorised dealers, we identify the common ground between all your furniture needs.
  • We pay special attention to ensuring that the furniture concept for your offices and conference rooms is compliant with your business processes.
  • We harmoniously integrate the interior design into your overall concept.
  • We protect you from expensive misguided investments resulting from poor, inflexible planning and advice.

Layout plans

Due to its many years of experience, Zoom by Mobimex can provide extensive expert support for layout planning. The earlier we are integrated into your project, the better we can share with you relevant, sometimes architectural, planning ideas for your furniture.

Planungssupport Grundrisse

Professional hand-drawn sketches

Good hand-drawn sketches are more popular than ever. Admittedly, hand-drawn sketches initially appear somewhat outdated given the latest digital options for depicting spaces and furniture. But we believe they are in keeping with a philosophy of genuine, personal customer service.

Planungssupport Skizze
Planungssupport Skizze

3D visualisation

Modern 3D visualisation presents untold opportunities for project planning and sales. The true-to-life images of outdoor areas, indoor spaces and products facilitate precise planning and inspire your customers even before the implementation phase. Our architectural renderings are far superior to technical drawings in terms of degree of detail and expressiveness.

Case DB Netz
Case DB Netz

Based on the customer’s planning data, we assess the needs situation, evaluate the optimal product and prepare an individual offer for you.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.