Zoom by Mobimex
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Imagination and expertise are the source of exceptional ideas that evolve into customized designs full of atmosphere and distinctive aesthetics. Zoom by Mobimex designs, plans and builds timeless furniture with architectural relevance. Founded by Walter Zwick in 1974, Zoom by Mobimex is now an internationally recognised furniture brand from Switzerland and part of the Girsberger Holding Group. The company gained global acclaim for the TIX furniture collection by Dante Bonuccelli, an Argentinian architect.

A lot has been achieved since the company foundation in 1974. In the last few decades, the former trading enterprise, specialising in furniture imports and exports, has developed into an internationally operating company recognised as a leading innovator in the residential and office sectors. The portfolio, which boasts high design quality throughout, ranges from seating, storage and table collections to tailor-made conference layouts.

Mobimex produces unique pieces in industrial quality. However, this level of excellence is not achieved by means of digital production alone. We are artisans and thus passionate craftspersons. This is steeped in tradition. As early as 35 years ago, the visionary company founder Walter Zwick created and developed high-quality furniture at a small factory near Sempach. We still benefit from his understanding of form, function and materials and we use this knowledge on a daily basis. We love tinkering with prototypes, refining details, improving things and trying out something new. Finding the best solutions for our clients spurs us on. Everyone works hand in glove – from the architects and interior designers, through the designers, engineers and drafters, to the craftspersons at our sites.

The key focus of Zoom by Mobimex is its love of and devotion to solid wood – a genuine, graceful material that never ceases to inspire us, a natural resource that is both sustainable and precious. Solid wood triggers emotions and illustrates the uniqueness of nature. It is a fascinating record that documents years of history. Tree trunks up to 100 years old are stored and dried at our plants and then transformed into unique pieces of furniture by highly skilled craftspersons. We add interesting highlights to our furniture using materials such as concrete, natural stone, textiles and special metal alloys.

Aesthetics is functionality. It helps when the things we surround ourselves with are practical. Being perfectly produced makes them precious. Being appreciated is not always based on rational reasoning – the products thus become coveted items.

Philippe Walther