New work with an eye
for elegance, NAUTILUS

by Yonoh, Valencia


Sharing workplace cabin: NAUTILUS
Design: Yonoh Studio, Valencia

Für mehr privatsphäre am Arbeitsplatz. Eine visuelle Privatsphäre inmitten ablenkenden Umgebungen ist wertvoller und nützlicher denn je.

You don’t have to barricade yourself behind closed
doors to ensure more privacy at work. However, visual privacy in the midst of a distracting environment is more valuable and useful than ever before.


Outdoor Tisch / Table: BRIDGE
Design: Jehs & Laub

Der ikonische Tisch mit Zentralfuss aus Beton für draussen, erhältlich mit einer Massivholzplatte in Robinie oder auch in Keramik.

The iconic table with a concrete centre leg for outdoors, available with a solid wood top in robinia or ceramic


Stuhl / Chair: Q5
Design: Oliver Schick

Die Logik des Minimalen bestimmt Form und Materialien des Q5 Chair. Leder, Textil und Stahl bilden Haut und Gestell. Die ergonomisch geformte Sitzschale schmiegt sich dem Körper an.

The logic of the minimal determines the shape and materials of the Q5 chair. Leather, fabric and steel form the skin and frame. The ergonomically shaped seatshell nestles against the body


Tischkollektion / Work & meet desk collection: NAUTILUS
Design: Yonoh Studio, Valencia

Flexibles Arbeiten und Besprechen im sitzen oder stehen. Die Nautilus Tischkollektion bietet für jeden Raum und jedes persönliche Bedürfnis die optimale Lösung.

Flexible working while sitting or standing. The Nautilus table collection offers the perfect solution for every room and every personal need.


Stuhl / Chair: BOCCA
Design: Jehs & Laub

BOCCA ist in vier verschiedenen Gestellvarianten erhältlich. Mit 4-Stern-Drehkreuz, mit drehbarem Tulpengestell, als Vierfuss-Variante oder mit einem Kufendrahtgestell.

BOCCA is available in four different base variations: with a cruciform swivel base, with a swivelling tulip pedestal, as a version with four legs and as a chair with a sled base.


LYNX flexible meeting system

by Dante Bonuccelli


The key element: A cast steel node

X2 by Dante Bonuccelli

Nautilus 2

High-quality desk sharing system with greater privacy

NAUTILUS by Yonoh Studio, Valencia

Nautilus 3

Transforming spaces into inspiring Experiences

NAUTILUS by Yonoh Studio, Valencia

Nautilus 4

Executive Office, wide variety of functions and a cultivated presence.

NAUTILUS by Yonoh Studio, Valencia

Nautilus 5

Family-Office, creating an impression ranging from futuristic to elegant.

NAUTILUS by Yonoh Studio, Valencia


Purist meets sensual

TIX by Dante Bonuccelli


Lightweight with a transparent construction, inspired by a tripod

BRACE by Jehs & Laub


Simple, functional and of high aesthetic impact

GEORGE by Werner/Vazquez Design Studio

GEORGE | Zoom by Mobimex

GEORGE by Werner/Vazquez Design Studio

Yonoh, Zoom by Mobimex

„Transforming spaces into inspiring experiences“

The work produced by Yonoh is characterised by organic forms and a touch of Mediterranean flair. More contemporary than virtually ever before, this aesthetic has never just been a trend for the designer team from Valencia. The collaboration with internationally renowned brands has always been based on friendship – the foundation for appreciating the companies’ understanding of design and for creating unique products. Yonoh’s own signature, paired with the brands’ visions, is consistently evident in their work.

“Transforming spaces into inspiring experiences” was – and is – the guiding principle behind Nautilus. A complete collection for the open office landscape “space” has been created based on this concept and a detailed briefing for Yonoh.

There are numerous opportunities for trying out new or hybrid working models. What works for one company may not be the right choice for another, and this depends on a variety of different social and cultural factors. There is not one solution that is perfect for everyone. What the Nautilus collection does is to create a working environment that appeals greatly to employees, customers and stakeholders – furniture that makes sense, that inspires, and that heightens a sense of belonging to the company.

NAUTILUS, Zoom by Mobimex

Say hi to HUE

HUE is a versatile system – with sliding doors or door elements, as a sideboard, wardrobe or tall cabinet. Planning and assembly are surprisingly easy.
The furniture has a completely restrained look – functional luxury for the office, chambers, a conference room. Or for your home.


New Work is the talk of the town; offices are being transformed into “living spaces” – which, by the way, are all filled with more or less the same content – processes are being adapted and agility is being learned. All this is known as New Work. But, although enthusiastic bosses often like to use their company as shining examples of this new world of work, we frequently come across accounts of it being stressful, often confusing and by no means always successful from a business point of view – employee identification with the company has thus become a significant challenge.

Companies are therefore increasingly aiming for greater visual distinctiveness, especially in meeting spaces and conference rooms that are used by internal and external visitors alike. Zoom by Mobimex offers its clients the bespoke furniture they are looking for.
This is change management, not as a trend but furthering the company’s corporate design. The X2 collection from Dante Bonuccelli can provide the foundations.


Iria Degen was born in Switzerland. She initially studied law at the University of Zurich before deciding to train in interior design at the Ecole Camondo in Paris. She is now one of the most sought-after interior designers in Switzerland. Together with her team, she furnishes private homes, restaurants, hotels, boutiques etc., both in Switzerland and on the international stage. Her style is epitomised by unostentatious design in subtle natural colours, creating a beguiling timeless and classic beauty.

For Zoom by Mobimex, Iria Degen has designed an iconic table – AVA.

All eyes are on BRACE

The assertive 28-millimetre thick solid wood top and the freely positionable steel or solid wood bases play with the contrasting materials and dimensions. The choice of table shape is virtually limitless. Whether it be a large, boat-shaped boardroom table, a rectangular version for purists or in triangular form for a video conference – you choose the shape and Brace adapts.

Jehs & Laub for Zoom by Mobimex

GEORGE | Zoom by Mobimex